Administrative structure of KHS to deliver high quality products.


parchaseWe purchase a wide range of products in the Japanese domestic market to satisfy our customer needs

Our knowledgeable staff purchase the used tractors and machines of various manufacturers, models and conditions from the domestic market in Japan. This enables us to satisfy needs of customers from all over the world.


InspectingQuality inspection

Our technical staff thoroughly check the appearance, performance, engine, etc. of the used tractors. They check everything listed on the check list and manage the check result in the inventory management sheet. We provide our customers the conditions of our inventory in details with photographs.



repairWashing and repairing the machines

We wash the machines after the condition check is completed. Our mechanics perform maintenance and repair on the machines in order to ship our products in good condition.





managementMeticulous inventory management

We manage the used tractor inventory in meticulous fashion. The appropriate measures are taken on each machine to prevent stuck clutches and water infiltration from the exhaust pipes.





We repaint the bodies of the machines upon request by our customers. This service is appreciated as it enables our customers to sell the purchased machines without extra maintenance after they receive the cargo.





A part from our initial check of the purchased inventory, we check the machine condition again right before the shipping

If we keep the used tractors in our inventory for a certain period of time, the condition recorded at the initial inspection may deteriorate and some defects could occur. For this reason, regardless of the holding time of the tractors in our inventory, we perform the quality inspection that is identical to the initial inspection again right before shipping. We perform a quality inspection twice to achieve a product quality that is desired by our customers.


container-prepare2Container loading preparation and machine disassembly

We partially disassemble the tractors into parts in order to facilitate an efficient 20F/40F container loading.
To enable the tractor re-assembly easier for our customers, the disassembled bolts are packed in a plastic bag with respect to each chassis number, and the tires, parts and attachments are marked with the model numbers and the chassis numbers.


containerContainer loading

We can load 16 to 22 units of tractors to a 40F container and 7 to 10 units of tractors to a 20F container. We load the tractors to the containers while efficiently using the container space.
We secure our products in the container to prevent damages during the transportation and maintain a safe loading operation with great care in order to keep the products free of damages.