We would like to guide you through the flow of your Japanese used tractor and farming equipment purchase.
Please inquire if you are interested in importing the farming equipment. We provide you a support on how to import and how to select the merchandise, etc.





 If you would like to purchase the machines or to order a stock list, please contact us through the contact form. Please let us know your desired products, make, model, condition, container sizes, etc.
Please take a look at the list and search for the product that you would like to see photos, condition and the price of.


What we offer


We will send you a stock list that is assorted in accordance with your inquiry.




If you found a product that you desire, please let us know the model and the chassis number by email.
We will reserve the product for you once you agree with the product condition and price.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.



Closing a deal


We will send you a proforma invoice after the unit quantity reaches the container loading limit. If you confirm the contents of the proforma invoice, please send us an advance payment.
As soon as we confirm your advanced payment, we initiate the container loading preparation. We will keep you updated on the shipping schedule and the preparation progress by mail.


Container loading and shipping


We check the product condition and performance again during the container loading preparation.
The products may become defective while we keep them in stock because they are used products, but we maintain the product quality by performing a condition check again before loading them to a container.
Please be assured that if we find the defective products, we will contact you and take an appropriate action.
After the container loading is completed, we will inform you by sending you the final invoice and the photos taken during the container loading.


We will send the documents by mail after the final payment is made to us.


We will send you the draft B/L after the container ship leaves the port. Please make the final payment.


Accepting your container


If the container reaches the destination port, please accept your products in accordance with the prescribed procedure.